Getting Started with Astronomer Enterprise Edition

Astronomer Enterprise Edition allows you to run a private version of Astronomer on your own Kubernetes.

It includes:

  • Astronomer Command Center that includes an Astronomer-built UI, CLI, and a GraphQL API for easy cluster and deployment management on Kubernetes
  • Access to our Prometheus and Grafana monitoring stack
  • Enterprise Authentication that supports Google Suite, SAML, Office 365, Active Directory, and more
  • Enterprise-grade business day or business critical support

Read here for more details on each of these components.


We've written installation docs for various Kubernetes distributions:

Coming Soon: Guides for Azure AKS, Pivotal PKE, Redhat OpenShift, and Digital Ocean Kubernetes.


The Astronomer platform is Kubernetes agnostic. This means that any Kubernetes management solution should support the installation, and management of the Astronomer platform. To ensure the platform can be effectively installed and managed, ensure your team can meet the following requirements.

  • A Kubernetes cluster managed by one of these solutions
  • Admin level access to the Kubernetes cluster
  • Ability to provision a Tiller service account for use with Helm
  • A base domain
  • A CA signed wildcard for your base domain. This cannot be a self-signed certificate
  • A postgres database
  • A wildcard DNS A record

Need help installing the Astronomer platform? Reach out to discuss install solutions.